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I’m living a Clutter-free Life!

“Shana Danon from Organised Clutter has helped me over the years to live a clutter-free life. Not only at a physical level around my house and office, but a mental state of mind, making me feel free, clear and focused.She is dedicated, professional and so gentle in her approach (confidential). Whenever I feel like I need help in living completely clutter-free, I call Shana. She has changed my life! Thank you.”

Wendy, Sydney

Still Organised – a month after your visit!

“Hi Shana – it’s Rosie! I thought i’d wait a while before I emailed you to tell you how the room’s going. It’s still tidy, and it’s almost a month, which is a definite improvement! The system is easy to keep and and I’m really happy with how it worked out, so thankyou so much for your help, I feel so much more organised now!”

Rosie, Randwick

Paper Clutterer Cured!

“Being an avid collector of papers, stationery, books, cards, magazines and recipes….. when it came to moving the thought of organising, packing and unpacking my belongings made my stomach curdle. Shana came to my rescue and in the weeks before my move helped me sort through my piles of newspapers and magazines, including organising my torn out recipes so that they could be used! The chore of cleaning and packing actually became fun with Shana’s patience and assistance. I still can’t believe that I had some newspapers dating back to 2000 waiting to be read! If it wasn’t for Shana, I would have moved with these unnecessary extras….so thank you ! In my new place, I am changing my ways!”

Shanie, Bondi

Maximising Storage Space!

“After moving house and having a baby, we did not have the time or energy to organise our cupboards and storage spaces. It was quite amazing, Shana and her team from Organised Clutter were able to achieve in two hours what we had been putting off for months. Shana not only cleared out years of unworn clothes, but her easy and practical advice makes it a breeze to keep our cupboards workable and tidy.”

Dan & Lena, Randwick

Bigger, brighter bedroom

“A big thank you to Shana and Organised Clutter for decluttering my bedroom! Shana made very practical suggestions and after a very short period of time had freed up 3 drawer-fulls of space which was fantastic! My things are better organised and easier to access. All those piles of things which did not previously have anywhere to go have now been put on shelves and into drawers and cupboards. As a result, my not-so-spacious room looks more spacious, much neater, and definitely decluttered! Shana was helpful and tactful. She’s coming back to tackle our kitchen! I would have no hesitation in recommending her and Organised Clutter.”

T.E, Waverley