Selling Your Home

To ensure that you receive the maximum potential that your home has to offer, it is essential that it looks its best. Clutter results in rooms looking and feeling crowded, busy, smaller and inaccessible.

Organised Clutter will help you achieve this by decluttering to maximise space, with recommendations and ideas for restyling if required. No area will escape our attention – from the open spaces in each room, to the hidden space in cupboards, drawers, under the bed…every area will make a difference.

Engaging Organised Clutter you will realise the full potential of what your space can offer.


Restyling Your Space

After decluttering, this is the perfect time to assess & re-design your space.

If you are selling your property or would like a new look for your space, Organised Clutter will provide you colour, design and interior recommendations to achieve a fresh new look.

This can greatly improve the value of your property sale.


Moving In…

How exciting! You’ve moved into a new home. Maybe you’ve just had a baby. You’ve had no sleep, you have no time. You’re a busy executive who hates the boxes and needs to unpack quickly. Organised Clutter will come to the rescue and make this stress-free and enjoyable.


Moving Out…

Moving house is one of the top 5 stresses that you will encounter in your life-time. You never have enough hands and it seems, never enough time before the removalists arrive, knocking impatiently at your door.

Organised Clutter will assist you by decluttering unwanted items before packing – so that you are only taking functional and treasured items with you ( less moving expense and less to pack and unpack.) We label your boxes for easy & stress-free unpacking.

Organised Clutter can also arrange for a local charitable company to remove items that you do not want. Your positive action will benefit your community. Phew! With Organised Clutter, it is all a LOT easier!


Office Organising

Organised Clutter can organise any home or business office to make it more user-friendly and tidy. You will be amazed at the difference we can make by organising your filing and display systems.

We’re a whiz at administration services if you need a casual PA or a right hand person. We’re your office angels.

No task is too big or too small. Whether it be compiling promotional packs, typing, labelling or buying gifts for clients / staff, we are happy to assist.

Last but not least, Organised Clutter will provide you with a number of suggestions to increase the efficiency of your storage space and recommend new storage products where required.