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Clutter:  (noun) – a crowded, disordered or confused collection of things that are not arranged in a neat or orderly way.

Organise: (verb) – to arrange in an efficient & orderly system.


Organised Clutter - Benefits

Since 2003 Shana Danon, professional organiser of Organised Clutter has been working with people to declutter, organise, restore order and restyle their space according to their needs and budget.

This process inspires possibility, creativity and maximises space resulting in achieving the full potential of your home.

You will learn the methods of how to be organised and be able to maintain your new systems on an everyday basis. 

Be rid of the burden and stress that clutter brings and reward yourself with an organised, calm and productive space.


Organised Clutter - How We Can Help

There are many milestones in our busy lives that can contribute to a need for change in how our space functions and how to make it work the best for you and your household. Organised Clutter has helped over one thousand clients to transform their space during busy or stressful times. 

Organised Clutter can help you with the following and more: 

  • achieving the balance between personal and professional commitments
  • preparing your home for a new baby
  • working from home - defining home life vs  home-office
  • downsizing your home
  • selling or restyling your home
  • moving in and moving out
  • time management
  • digital decluttering & organising - emails, folders, documents


Organised Clutter - Caring For the Environment

Organised Clutter promotes mindful purchasing, environmental care, recycling, repurposing, repairing and supporting local makers. Organised Clutter is mindful of function, design and the environment when suggesting storage and accessories.


Organised Clutter - Good For The Soul

Engaging Organised Clutter is a lifestyle choice.
A clutter free life promotes good mental health, clarity of thinking and positive energy.
Learning to let go of physical & emotional clutter will enable you to have a fresh start and new outlook.

You will gain HOURS of extra time – to relax, spend with friends and family, and do the things you enjoy.


Look No Further

Contact Organised Clutter to declutter & restyle your space. 
Enjoy the benefits of an organised home, office and life.

You deserve it.