Organised Clutter- Shana Danon

Inspiration for my business arose from personal experience.

After years of helping family and friends declutter and re-organise their homes and offices, I formed Organised Clutterin 2003 so that my experience and passion for organising could help others in the community.

Having personally moved house multiple times with small children, I can appreciate the frustrations and stresses of moving, setting up a home, balancing home and work life. My previous employment has always had a strong focus on training staff, working with the public and administering systems.

Having completed a Certificate IV in Design 2014 (at the International School of Colour & Design) + a Diploma in Visual Arts & Surface Design 2015, I am excited to add this knowledge base to my skillset when restyling your property to match your personality, lifestyle and needs.

Organised Clutter is one of Sydney’s longest running Professional Organising companies and was an ‘Expert’ accredited member & volunteer of Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) for 10 years.


Organised Clutter - Passion

Organised Clutter firmly believes that being clutter-free can give you the best possible chance at success and health, at home or in business.

Having seen the devastation that clutter can cause, Organised Clutter is passionate in promoting how important it is to live in a clutter-free environment.


Organised Clutter - Areas we can help

There is no job too big or small. Here are some of the areas we can help you:

  • Home Office / Corporate Office – filing, archiving, paperwork, stationery, email folders & drives
  • Bedroom – Clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, linen
  • Study – student workspace
  • Nursery – Change table, cot, clothing, toys, decor
  • Living Room – CDs, DVDs, books, photos, crafts, soft furnishings
  • Play Area – Children’s toys, homework, study
  • Kitchen – cupboards, bench top, recipes, pantry
  • Laundry – cleaning products, storage, shelving, sewing items, hardware 
  • Bathroom – make-up, toiletries, cabinets, kids’ bath toys


Organised Clutter - Community

Organised Clutter volunteers in the community, promotes recycling and re-purposing, and encourages donations to charitable companies.

‘Free your space, and the rest will follow’ – Shana Danon, Organised Clutter